How to export Swordfish TMs to use them in Trados Studio 2011 and 2014

Swordfish TMs do not usually use language codes with country codes. You can choose country codes, but this is generally not done.

SDL Trados Studio 2011 and 2014 use language codes with country codes. There is also a limit on the number of language codes with country codes, depending on the version that you installed.

This makes it difficult to convert Swordfish TMs (translation memories), if you want to export them to the latest versions of Trados.

These steps present a possible solution:

1) Start Swordfish (3.X)

2) Load the translated file.

3) Go to File > TTX Exchange > Export file as TTX

4) Start SDL Trados Studio 2011 or 2014

5) Create a new project

6) Add the TTX that you created in step 3, as a file.

7) Create a new TM and choose the target and source languages that you need.

8)  Go to Editor. You will see that the file has all the required translations.

9) Press Control + E, to accept all translations. Keep doing this until you reach the end of the file.

The process concludes and now you will have a new TM with all of the previously translated segments. The language code and country code will be the ones that you needed.

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