Shortcuts in SDL Trados Studio: the basics

Signs & Symptoms of Translation

computer mouseShortcuts in Trados Studio speed up the translation process by keeping your hands on the keyboard, so you only resort to your mouse when it’s unavoidable. If you’re a new Studio user you’ll want to become familiar with certain shortcuts as soon as possible, but in no time you’ll discover there are scores of them. So which ones are essential?

Here is my personal list of five shortcuts you should be using the very first time you open Studio. Note that they apply to the default user profile, so they may differ if you’ve selected the Trados or SDLX user profile.

  1. Shift+F12 – This brings up the “Save target as” dialog to save your translation in its native format. In addition to using it to produce the finished translation, I always click Shift+F12 as soon as I open a document to translate, just to check that the file is going…

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