Sara Colombo’s Marketing Tips

This is a brief summary of the interview of Sara Colombo posted here:

The interview focuses on marketing tips for translators.  Sara advises non-experienced translators to do the following:

  • Get a part-time job when starting, to pay for basic expenses (rent,etc.)
  • Work as an in-house translator to have a better idea of the translation process
  • Have a good idea of what you are going to do, who your main clients will be, and what type of translation or interpreting jobs you want to find

When the interviewer asked what the most gratifying aspects of working as a free-lance translator are, Sara replied:

  • You get to combine your skills, for example if you are interested in marketing, math, law, languages, etc.
  • You can rent your own office and learn how to handle a business
  • You learn about time-management and how to get everything done
  • It is not about the money, but other things that make you feel satisfied with what you have accomplished.  You feel useful when you do a job well.

Sara also said that she uses to-do lists for time-management. She works as a translator and interpreter, so she sometimes travels to different places for interpreting assignments.

She is happy with her work and she would not change anything that she did when she was just starting out.

You can learn more about Sara and read her blog, by visiting her website



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