My Team

    Education: Certified English-Spanish translator (Univ. Nacional de La Plata) – MA in Translation Studies (Univ. Belgrano)

Specialized in different fields: engineering, plant start-up, quality assurance, ecology, environment, legal documents, economics, banking, finance, insurance, public services bids, marketing, imports/exports, computing programs, software.

Experience: more than 25 years of experience

Top quality translations. Able to handle quick turnaround in a high-pressure, deadline-driven environment.

  • MARIACRUZ GONZÁLEZ, Translator and Interpreter
    Education: Literature Professor, UTPL, Loja, Ecuador; Sociology and Law studies (Univ. Paris VIII, Univ. di Bologna)

Specialized in different fields: education, legal documents, literary translation, social development, environment, tourism, oil & mines, geology, economics, and related topics.

Experience: More than 22 years as a translator and 15 years as an interpreter.
Languages:     Spanish <> English (T/I)
French, Italian, Portuguese > Spanish & English (T/I)
Skills: Many years of in-house translator experience working for the US Ambassador, and later at some of the top law offices in Quito, which abridged her training in many fields. One of her specializations is literary translation, which is enhanced by her literature studies and writing capacities.

  • María-Fernanda Escudero, M.A.: translator & interpreter

Experience: Seasoned translator and interpreter, 20 years’ experience in bi-cultural settings in the roles of translator, interpreter and cultural liaison.

Education: Master of Arts Degree in Integrated Marketing Communication – Emerson College, Boston, MA, U.S. Bachelor of Arts in Television Production – Elizabethtown College, Elizabethtown, PA, U.S.

Languages: English <> Spanish (T/I)

Expertise: legal and technical topics in the industries of mining, oil, urban development, international standards, banking, pharmaceutical, patents, construction, accounting.

Skills: management of large translations projects; ability to produce accurate translations under pressure; deadline driven; quick turnaround; works well as a member of the client’s team.

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