Main 2019 Projects

Portuguese into English

5,300 words – Tax returns and banking statements – Israeli agency

10,000-word translation – Brazilian politics and statistics on employment – US direct client

4,800-word translation – Criminal investigation and cloud services – Asian agency

English into Spanish 

10,000-word XML files on cafeteria management software – US LSP

8,000-word contract for Ecuadorian direct client

2,500-word NDA contract – a new Chinese client (LSP)

3,000-word contracts – ongoing – usually at least 3,000 words per month – California agency

3,200-word document on software, insurance and shipping – US agency

22,000-word documents on development – Ecuadorian colleague

9,000-word proofreading – Survey – UK Language Service Provider (LSP)

3,000-word – NGO Newsletter – US NGO

Spanish into English 

Several MTPE projects on accounting for LSP located in Spain

1,500-word translation – crystal optics – Multinational LSP

7,500-word translation – Mechanical Engineering – European LSP

18,000-word translation – Manufacturing processes – Turkish LSP

French into Spanish

2,500-word translation – Software of purchasing system – European LSP

Portuguese into Spanish

1,100-word marketing translation on printers – Argentinean LSP (language service provider)