Main 2020 Projects

English into Spanish

  • 3,200-word document on development – US direct client
  • 6,500-word document on pesticides – French LSP
  • 7,200-word document on boilers, bitumen, and thermal heating – multinational LSP
  • 5,800-word document on programming and algorithms – international NGO
  • Over 100K on underground mining – US colleague
  • Over 25K on education for girls and women for a large NGO (thanks to an Ecuadorian colleague)
  • Over 100K MTPE job on inventory – US LSP
  • 13K-word job on cancer and metastasis – US LSP

French into Spanish

  • 3,800-word document on pesticides – French LSP

Portuguese into English

  • Over 4 documents on Brazilian politics for US magazine

Spanish into English

  • 17,780-word document on solar power, wind power, and energy – Ecuadorian colleague (for a large company)
  • 1,200-word document on Spanish fair – Spanish LSP
  • Proofreading of a 20K job – multinational LSP
  • Pro bono work for a local NGO that protects women’s rights

OPI – Over-the-phone Interpreting

  • On-going job for a US company


  • Small job for local entrepreneur
  • English into Spanish job for a pharmaceutical company