My Team

My team is comprised of professional translators who have an average of 20 or more years of experience.

Mariacruz González
B. A. in Language and Literature (UTPL, Ecuador), 2 years at Université Paris VIII, 1 year at Universitá di Trento (Italy)
Heather Hayes
Law Degree (UTPL, Ecuador), B. A. in Spanish and Iberian Studies (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
María Fernanda Escudero
M. A. in Marketing Communications (Emerson College), B. A. in Communications (Elizabethtown College). Certified court interpreter (in process in MA, RI, and federal courts)

Our combined expertise:
Language pairs: English into Spanish, Spanish into English, Portuguese into English and Spanish, French into Spanish and English, and Italian into Spanish and English.
Specialization fields: software, hardware, legal documents, certificates, communication, literature, mining, oil drilling, human resources, development, health, financial topics, and many more.
Project management: Management of > 100,000-word projects
Approximate number of words per week: 20,000 words (English <> Spanish)